ORGANIX – Dogs of Yoga: Ali and Marty

We believe that to get the best out of dogs, you have to put the best in. That’s why we created ORGANIX—our complete line of products for your dogs. As the leader in organic pet food, we understand that extraordinary quality and nutrition start with exceptional and safe ingredients.

Produced By: Wander Lust TV

Reel Impression

Reel Impression will ensure that you are representing your brand at the highest quality. Take control of what casting & creative teams learn about your work! With a professional two camera audition and dynamic sound we give you the control to make your best first impression.

Con Edison’s Ductless-Minisplit

For those homes already possessing non-ducted heating systems, mini-splits are a great option to add onto existing heating elements. Mini-splits are ideal when making additions to a home, as expanding existing duct work can be problematic in some situations. Mini-splits are comprised of two main components. A compressor or condenser is situated outside of the home, while an air-handling unit is outfitted indoors.